Welcome to the Building Fund - our biggest fundraising campaign yet! Our vision - Awakening Church to have its own home! And not just a home, but the first spiritual and cultural Christian center in Bulgaria!

Vasil Drumev 37 in Sofia is the only Christian church of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula. Built with the prayers and donations of many believers from around the world, it is meant to be a place of worship and spiritual growth. We believe it would be a waste of cultural and spiritual heritage to be destroyed and obliterated forever. Our vision is to give new life to this building and create a home for the 'Awakening Church' - lasting, thriving, built with lots of love and care.

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We are here to bring positive change to Bulgaria and the world! Today is your chance to be a part of this change! Let's build together the only cultural and spiritual center of its kind in Sofia, which will become a driving force of the transformation of our society!

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Holder: Full Gospel Churches

Bank: First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG52FINV91501216848282


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