One day, as I was watching my daughter Sarah,
I started thinking about all of the wonderful things
that she is and I decided to make a list of the ones
I would like to tell her someday. While I was writing,
I felt it wasn't just about her,
but these are the words of God to His daughters!
I believe they need to be heard,
believed and experienced. My prayer for you is that
as you read this devotion for the following 10 days,
you will immerse yourself in a reality superior to
the natural.
I pray that God will touch your heart and your mind,
so that you experience His love towards you the same way I felt it on that day!
The Bible describes God as a father.
It portrays God the Father as a loving parent who longs to have a relationship with his children.
I believe that whether you have discovered this relationship or not, these 10 days, these 10 messages, will give you a fresh perspective on your Heavenly Father and help you get to know Him in an unusual and new way, so that you see that you are so special to Him and you will forever be His precious daughter!TEODORA ASENOVA