Сряда в Пробуждане – София


We are so glad you have decided to visit Awakening Church.

We invite you to tell us a little more about yourself and register for the event so we can prepare and welcome you properly.

If you want to know more about the experience that awaits you check out our visitors page - awakening.bg/visit

We remind you that the events of Awakening church are being video recorded and are streamed on the internet and national tv. In the process, your face might be shown in the video. If you do not wish you or your children to be in photos, advertisements, or video s of the church, please enquire at the Information desk.

We give priority admission to our events to our church members, their guests and people who have never been to church before. If you are not sure whether you will be admitted to the event, you can contact us in advance at mail@awakening.bg


Frequently Asked Questions

At our events, we encourage all attendees to dress elegantly like for a holiday. Put on your best clothes and big smiles and come celebrate life with God!
Due to the high interest in our events, registration in advance is required. This allows us to adequately plan the supplies and the number of volunteers we need to provide exceptional care for all our guests.
Не, редовните богослужения на Църква “Пробуждане” са с вход свободен.


Maksim Asenov
Lead Pastor of Awakening Church



Сряда в Пробуждане (София)
Prayer Network
Participate with a business to repair the building

Holder: Full Gospel Churches

Bank: First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG52FINV91501216848282


Reason: Fund buildings

LIP - apply
The Word and the Spirit - apply
A home of wonders
Become a volunteer
Water baptism
Introduce yourself
Come to visit
Курс "Опознай Пробуждане"