Pastor Maksim and Theodora

Pastor Maxim and Teodora Asenovi are preachers of the gospel, passionate about expanding the Kingdom of God and captivated to see people coming closer to Jesus. They have dedicated their entire lives to building the local church and making it a factor of change in the world around it. Pastor Maxim and Theodora live in Sofia, Bulgaria with their two children - Sarah and Maxim Junior.

пастор Максим Асенов и пастор Теодора Асенова

Pastor Maxim

Pastor Maxim Asenov is an author, speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and founder of the Church of Awakening.

Growing up without a father, without electricity and water, left to live alone at only 15, Pastor Maxim bravely faces life. During his teenage years, he discovered faith in God. After graduating in Sweden, he returned to Bulgaria and founded the Church of Awakening together with his wife Teodora. 

Having traveled to over 35 countries, he has shared his fascinating story with hundreds of thousands of people, inspiring them to believe that nothing is impossible! 

Pastor Theodora

Pastor Teodora Assenova is the founder of the Awakening Church, which she leads together with her husband - Pastor Maxim Assenov.

One of her main goals in life is to reach people and help them discover and manifest their many gifts to live a much happier and more meaningful life. This is also the reason for creating the "SUMMER" movement, which aims to unite women in Bulgaria and beyond and show them that dreams are possible.

Teodora Asenova is a singer with dozens of original songs, and the latest music album "Awakening" was released very recently, which she created together with the artists Miro, Pavel and Venci Venc and Plamen and Ivo Dobrevi.


Pastor Danail and Victroia Jovevi

Pastor Danail and Viktoria Jovevi are Assistant Pastors at the Awakening Church. Part of the leadership team since the beginning of the church, they are an example of dedication, care and love. Pastor Victoria is the Director of Awakening Academy - our school for Bible study and building leaders in the church and the world. 

Pastor Kiril and Teresa Tsonchevi

Pastor Kiril and Teresa Tsonchevi are Assistant Pastors at Church of Awakening. A happy family who give their lives in service to God and people, they look after many teams and leaders in the church. Pastor Teresa is the office manager of the church, responsible for all organizational processes and the main coordinator of the "In You" foundation. Pastor Kiril Tsonchev is the director of our music department. 

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