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August 22-25

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Why should you be there?


For 4 years now, Awakening Conference exceeds expectations and raises the bar! Thousands of people from around the world come to experience the transformational power of God and leave as agents of change in every area of influence in their lives!

From the hospitality and welcome experience, to the incredible worship and messages, the wind of change will pick you up and turn you around, and a fresh fire will be set ablaze in your chest with power for new life! Together with our incredible partners from ‘Revival alliance’, we have prepared for you a truly unforgettable experience.

This year, the program includes a unique selection of some of the best speakers in the world, spectacular concert with top international artists, kids conference for the youngest and a charity ‘Megafest’ festival to help children and families in need. Prepare yourselves to be surprised, challenged, shaken - from the inside out, completely and irrevocably! If not now, when?

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Wind ⚡ Fire ➺ Wind ⚡ Fire ➺ Wind ⚡ Fire ➺

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Children's Conference


While you are enjoying the experience, our team will take care of your children! With our special program they will have an incredible time with God. We have prepared games, kids worship, lessons, workshops and many more surprises.

Buy a Ticket for Someone

If you would like to donate funds to cover the ticket for people who can't afford them, follow the link.


For your convenience, we would like to share with you the hotels in the vicinity of the conference hall. One of the hotels is - Grand Hotel Millenium. Situated in the center of the city, it offers easy access to transport, parking and it is close to many restaurants and shops.


Since 2015, the mission of Awakening has been clear - for Jesus to be lifted up, for people far from Him to know Him, building a church that is a factor of change for the world around it! This year we are joining forces with our amazing partners from Revival Alliance - a group of contemporary leaders who are actively expanding God's kingdom and driving the revival of Christianity around the world.
Together, we believe that the time is coming and is already here for the awakening of Bulgaria, the Balkans, and the world.



Yes, a day before the conference a link will be sent for you to use.

The location where we will hold the conference is located in a communicative place near three subway lines and numerous bus and tram lines. The NDK also has a paid parking lot that can be used by the guests of the conference.

Yes, Awakening Conference 2024 – Wind & Fire has thought about the children's experience and your peace of mind. During all days of the conference, there will be a professional team available, as well as a special program for young visitors. Children's tickets are paid separately and include food and drink.

Yes, our sponsors have ensured that in between sessions you can enjoy a variety of cuisine at food outlets located around the venue.

Wind and Fire - Standard ticket BG
Wind and Fire - Standard Ticket
Price: €99.00
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Wind and Fire - Premium Ticket
Price: €199.00
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Wind and Fire - Free ticket (application) EN
Wind and Fire - Child ticket BG (#31)
Wind and Fire - Children Ticket
Price: €49.00
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